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Raise our voices in deep anger.

July 9, 2014



We should raise our voices in deep anger against what has been uncovered in the child abuse reports, abuse involving the some of the very rich and very powerful. We pledge cold determination that children will never be treated as second class, non-people. We hope such cases are purely historic but will remain vigilant.

Children were being hurt, frightened and abused by wealthy men. Wealthy men conspired together to show their power and, by cruel contrast, their victims powerlessness. Using privilege and a sense of entitlement, backed up by political power, by the entertainment elites, by attitudes in the press and the prosecuting authorities, these pampered wealthy men chose to force themselves sexually onto children.

Child abuse is a real and present danger, for all children, even those of the elite. All teachers are trained in child protection issues to defend children. Grooming and trafficking are part of that horror.

The national crime agency report’s key findings showed that children in institutional settings are not only at risk from abusers but from adults who fail to notice abuse or, if they do, fail to report it.

Our children are at risk from child abuse because of the patriarchal structure of this society; but those removed from their families into institutions are at particular risk from the class structure of this society. This is an especial worry when the Tories intend to open the biggest ever children’s prison where even babies could be locked up. Frances Crook describes “A prison within a prison for children with children”

When Austerity is imposed, the needs of children are hit and especially those in state care. The denigration of the needs of children implicit in Austerity is dangerous to children in health, in nutrition, in safety and in happiness and wellbeing.

I believe though, that the examples of abuse where the very rich raped the children of the very poor, in children’s homes, demonstrate something that throws particular light on child abuse, amplifies the horror and shows its roots.

Reflect on those rich elite men. All of the opportunities of the world were open to these wealthy individuals, travel, sport, art, music, education; but they chose instead to organise and entertain themselves by abusing children. “Shall we go to see the Northern Lights? Dive to the bottom of the seas? Hear opera in Rome or Rock at Glastonbury? No let’s go and hurt kids! Working class poor kids! We have that power.”

Children were taken into “care”, already scarred by leaving home and family but then forced into an abuse circus, a circus that extended to Amsterdam brothels.  Our children in state care were taken to Amsterdam to be abused. These children were deprived by the state of their family and community support, stripped of their rights and given as playthings to these corrupt and rotten individuals,  individuals who, fresh from their conquests of captive children, go on to rule the country. Then the children were tossed aside, disbelieved and left to live in the hell that follows abuse.

Our anger stretches also to the minions of these rich abusers who organised to give the children to these creatures. People who were working for and in these homes, who were prepared to trade their human charges for money and the chance to bask in the reflection of power. Those brave staff who raised objections were dealt with in many ways but the most scandalous is the case of Bulic Forsythe whose mysterious death remains unsolved.

Kindness, care, time and nurture can  help heal many woes but none of this was given to these victims of the well-heeled, well dressed and powerful abusers. It has taken decades for the survivors to be believed. Then these abusers lied and lied and used the power of the state to cover up. Their circles of protection were powerful indeed. D notices which forbid publications were employed  in some cases, it is said

A dirty and malevolent belief lay at the core of this abuse: a belief that they, the elite, had rights quite different in nature from the rights of ordinary folk, and certainly different from the rights of the children of the poor.

The children of the poor were, available to the elite, available to them as part and parcel of their privilege. The rights of the children of the poor were utterly dismissed. Rich friends of the abusers who might have thought “it’s not on!” still thought it more important to cover up for them than to protect the children.

Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris have all now been found guilty. The victims have been heard and been believed but the sickness at the heart of this is still there. The abuse of children in children’s homes is at the core.

Children are traditionally disbelieved. Thirteen little girls told the police the Soham murderer had assaulted them, but none were believed, so he was free to kill.

Dangerous, dismissive attitudes to the children of the poor are found today. Many hours of media time and much money has been spent developing hatred for the poor, the ‘chavs’, hatred of people with disabilities and the jobless. No one by this logic is more reviled than the children of the poor up to and including today.

Just as we need to listen to women, we need to listen to the voices of children

Children are open to abuse right now because the services in place are being dismantled by ‘austerity’, Children’s Centres across the country are closing.

The media, the police and others know that politicians have decided that the unborn babies of very poor mothers are no longer entitled to free NHS maternity care. They know this policy will kill but they keep quiet because these are the children of the poor, of the immigrant community.

An enquiry into this organised “historic” abuse to be headed by Mrs Butler-Sloss sister of Sir Michael Havers is in no way independent of the establishment.

Surely, some other organisations must be involved in an enquiry, organisations like the trade unions that have always stood up for children, organisations of care leavers, of the survivors of abuse?

On the Left, in the Unions, in women’s organisations and children’s support organisations, we raise campaigns for good childcare, decent wages for women, funded social services and an end to Austerity. We raise good points of discussion on how our “leaders” operate.

In talk of this scandal, though, our politics must go publically  to the need to remove the rule of a corrupt elite. They are a very efficient elite, efficient at gathering ever more of society’s wealth into their own pockets, efficient at delivering mass media hate campaigns, creating war out of peace and pollution of the land and water, delivering terrible inequality and championing an economic system good only for a tiny elite. By opposing the rule of the elite we begin to protect the children of the poor, the children of the working class and perhaps all children.

By raising the idea that the elite must go, we open up a chance to talk of how a different world is possible, a world where generations might thrive without the cancer of child abuse, without poverty, with more joy, and healthier happier and safer children. A future worth fighting for!



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