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The party left Unity could become.

May 17, 2013

The role of the party that Left Unity may become.
I am starting from the standpoint of working class people in the age of austerity in 2013 and especially the standpont of women, whose lives, and the lives of those they care for,  will be damaged  by endless austerity, pushing them back to the life styles of the poor of the 1930s.
I am assuming that Labour,  the  traditional party of the class, remains wedded to the neo liberal ideology of cuts and Austerity and that we need to build  afresh from the very limited resources now at our disposal.
We, ordinary working class women, men and children,  need campaigning groups like the anti-cuts, no to the bedroom tax, Keep our NHS Public. Women against the Cuts, Anti-Blacklist, anti-fracking (and all those I have forgotten to mention). We also need  tenants  groups, pensioners groups,and trade unions, militant democratic pro- active trade unions too, and in addition we need a party. They each have different roles.
Working people are starting to wake up to the full significance of what is happenning but only just beginning to awaken.
Left Unity and every organisation that left Unity agrees to work with would be expected to have a safety policy against gender based violence and any other form of violence and discrimination.
A party is one aspect of  working people’s struggle to fend off the attacks of the bosses and governments,  to struggle  for both a better society in the future  and for better conditions immediately and to find ways of organising, enthusing and inspiring our class
Elections are a subordinate part of this.
We need to work on different areas of party activity.
• Opposing the ideas that the ruling class push out, through their extended media, ideas which are effective in splitting our people, possibly even more than in the past. Counteracting our enemy’s propaganda is clearly one very important role; formulating effective opposition to these ideas is a skill in itself and a vital one.
• Providing education for new members to give them the chance to gain confidence and to discuss and to debate so that the party can gain from their knowledge and experience.
• We have to combat the idea that elections can solve issues; for us an election should be a way of putting forward our ideas, combatting the opposition’s ideas, giving heart and enthusiasm to our supporters and gathering more supporters to the cause so that they, in turn, can go out and organise in the different struggles.  We must keep working towards winning a position that would give us the power to change society and not be distracted by the self-importance that seems to come with elected office.
• The party should be putting forward, in as many ways as possible, the case for an alternative way of running the world, Socialism, countering the propaganda of the Tories and the neo-liberal agenda of cuts and austerity for the workers and massive increases in wealth for the very rich. It needs to help workers believe that there is an alternative and that they, the working class, have the power to change things.
• It should provide opportunities for the different campaigns and struggles to link up across the country and across the different issues. It should offer assistance to any group that wants to fight back on any issue.
• It should build solidarity links nationally and internationally.
• When we win elections, how we use the positions will be crucial. We used to say in Liverpool in the Socialist Council campaign in the 1980s, “We will not fight for you, but we will join your fight with all our might; we will lead a struggle, be in your struggle, not struggle instead of you…”
Farooq Tariq, a longstanding friend and comrade, is quoted during the very recent Pakistan General Election;
“I promise that if elected I shall ensure water supply is ample in the Jhang Branch canal,” Tariq said at the public meeting attended by over 200, but with a clarification. “Even if I am not elected, I shall join you in the movement to ensure there is ample water supply. Nothing is achieved in assemblies; it is out here that we change things.”
 – See more at:
There is a need for on-going discussion on all the key issues but the times dictates that we must be   both effective and expeditious.
We will need organising commissions of members and sympathetic campaign groups (in no particular order of importance, and apologies for those I forget to mention) on key issues like health and health care, employment, women’s rights and gender equality issues, the economy, the environment, Trade Union rights, housing, law, transport, education, benefits, children, care of the elderly, regeneration of our cities, equal rights, anti-racism,  and different international solidarity issues.
This would mean that we can pose an informed and effective opposition program to Austerity and open up our own people’s minds.
A party would need effective media presence and leaflets; in time, perhaps, even a radio station and a newspaper.
 We are a long way from this right now but its worth remembering what we can do if we can gather together the forces of our class in opposition to the forces of Austerity, the bosses, the 1% or the Tories, call them what we will.
We might just be at the start of a journey that might produce something great for our class.

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  1. This reads like something the International Socialists would have produced @ 1972…

    • Sorry paul Idon’t follow that line of thought. How is now like 1972? I’m not in IS or SWp but I’ll take a compliment if thats how it was intended.

  2. This piece encapsulates quite brilliantly the spirit of Left Unity. It is vitally important that we come together in struggle. Unified and strong. A mighty force for the good. A force capable of changing, fundamentally, the values of the world in which we live to protect it for future generations. The work of coming together will not always be easy. There are many barriers to break down. But the struggle is worth it because united we stand, divided we fall. I know so many good people still believe. We can do it. We can. Thank you for these words.

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