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Reading Against the Crisis

May 9, 2013

Suggested reading for the ideas of Marxism in today’s crisis
This is intended as a short introduction to the ideas of modern Marxist economics following from a discussion with a friend. I had promised to post a list on facebook but I kept getting foiled by the technology.
This blog is “The rising of the women” so I want to draw the particular links to Women’s issues. In the last three decades of assault by neo liberalism in the less developed world re- structuring especially harmed women and the communities. In the Austerity assaults in Europe, women and the communities’ needs are especially under threat. Yet in this new world of globalisation and neo liberalism, a huge new working class has grown and that working class is massively female. Women workers have searched for work around the world. That class will rise against capitalism, of that, I am convinced, the issue is, will we win
The list does not represent a party political stance and the books are from a fairly wide range of views that come under the general title of Marxism or anti capitalism. Marxism is a method and a theory. Anti-capitalism is a political position. There are currents of opinion that claim orthodoxy for only one set of Marxist ideas. I’m happy to discuss them but this a different discussion. These are my suggestions for reading to understand in the current crisis using Marxist economics.

I suggest the following blogs books websites and internet links.
Michael Roberts’s blog
For a worldwide viewpoint, the web site of the Campaign Against Third World Debt (which sounds like a charity but is anti-capitalist because third world (and now first world Debt) is critical to this crisis))
The Monthly Review website, edited by Samir Amin; again some people don’t like Samir Amin. I do because he has a world view not an Anglo American one.
Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or ending Capitalism; Samir Amin
Caliban and the Witch by Sylvia Federici
Witch-Hunting, Past and Present, and the Fear of the Power of Women. Hexenjagd-Vergangenheit Silvia-Federici-
Glance in the Rear View Mirror. Neoliberal Ideology from its Origins to the Present Eric Toussaint
Capitalist Crisis Theory and Practice by Mick Brooks
Live Working or Die fighting Paul Mason
Meltdown: The End of the Age of Greed Paul Mason
From the originals; a good introduction is two fairly short pamphlets ‘Wage labour and Capital’
And ‘Wages, Prices and Profit’

I am interested in Rosa Luxemburg’s theories around primitive accumulation of capital. This links with Sylvia Federici’s work on the robbing of the commons; robbing the commons is a description of primitive accumulation which in this crisis is especially hitting women as seen in the cuts the welfare state and capitalism’s attempt to appropriate the knowledge of food growing, and the blatant disregard capitalism has for the safety of the planet, so
I would like to read a but have not yet done so some of the David Harvey Books
Companion-to Marx’s-Capital-David-Harvey
Enigma-Capital-Crises-Capitalism David Harvey
I contributed to this:
Preparing for Revolution- The future International-Roger-Silverman

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